Freeway Pro 6.0.4 – Drag-and-drop Web design solution


Freeway Pro lets you build websites with speed and precision… without writing a line of code! With it’s user-oriented drag-and-drop interface, Freeway Pro helps you piece together the website of your dreams. Add images, audio, video and interactive content — when your masterpiece is complete, Freeway Pro converts it into clean, standards-compliant code at the click of a button!


Beyond Web Design


Freeway isn’t just for web designers: Leverage the power of the intuitive interface to create eye-catching email newsletters that work with all major email clients!


Pro-level Options


Freeway Pro is more advanced than its counterpart, Freeway Express:

  • Access hundreds of plugins.
  • Create pixel-perfect style sheet layouts.
  • Animate your content with fluid transitions.
  • Add sophisticated search capabilities to your site.
  • Import professional graphic types.
  • … And much, much more!



Version 6.0.4:


  • Corrected a missing space in the Italian “Using Freeway”


  • The Send Form Action will now include the selection from the Country List Action
  • The Relative Page Layout Action no longer produces an error when an item contains empty paragraphs and child items


  • Added a fix for old documents with inflow master tables
  • Fixed a crash caused by inflow master tables
  • Fixed a crash that happened when editing text on a master page
  • Added the “Label” option to the Express text inspector which was missing from non-English languages
  • Freeway no longer crashes when double clicking on an item if Freeway is not front most application.



Intel, OS X 10.6.6 or later

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