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We understand that not all of the visitors have money or the ability to give us his support so, we decide to give some tips on how your support is very valuable and help growth of “” popularity.


This is fastest way to give us your support by clicking on “Donate” from the main menu bar.


As we said above if you don’t have the ability then continue reading the other methods.


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This is really the most important thing you should do if you would like to support the site, as ads are the only way to recover the expenses of the servers and maintenance costs, we only use Google ADS and it is safe and not annoying. If you feel this site does not deserve your support and you block the ads then we will say “This site will close soon if it does not recover the expenses” if you are fine with that then do what ever you want.


Hope every body understand our high efforts on delivering all the contents on this site for you and for FREE.


Nowadays every body have a multi social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.


You can support us by sharing using any social network you like, you can also talk about any app or game on the other blogs or any relative website you prefer.


For example you can make a video tutorial on youtube and post link there like the video below:


If you are downloading using our torrent server, you can support us by seeding as much files as you can. This is really help the bandwidth and speed.


Try to visit NMac regularly and surf posts as much as you can, also there is a very effective way and help ranking NMac in google search, for example try to search google for “beamer” app so you need to enter this in the google search: beamer


Click the google link below to show you this example:


Every time you need to visit NMac, type in google search: NMac ked


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