Special K Patch Fix For macOS Sierra / High Sierra “Version 2”


This is a tool to fix the Special K Patches that does not work on macOS Sierra which have the following logo:




Make sure the Xcode Command Line tools is installed on your system by opening your terminal and type:


xcode-select --install




We recently developed a new fix for both Sierra & High Sierra, you only need to follow the steps below after you download the fix binary:


  1. Unzip the file until you get “Patch FiX For Sierra-High Sierra” folder.
  2. You will find a binary inside called “Patch Fix for Sierra or later
  3. Now copy the “SPECIAL K” patch to the folder “Patch FiX For Sierra-High Sierra” so both “Patch Fix for Sierra or later” binary and the patch will be at the same folder.
  4. Run the binary by double click on it or open it using your terminal.
  5. Now inside the terminal you will be asked to drag & drop the app over your terminal window then hit return.
  6. That’s All


Note: Not all patches are working since the app’s developers keep updating their apps to prevent the patch, so don’t ask to fix patch that does not work basically.