The Long Dark 1.27 – First-Person exploration & survival game


The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies — only you, the cold, and all the threats Mother Nature can muster.



Bright lights flare across the night sky. The wind rages outside the thin walls of your wooden cabin. A wolf howls in the distance. You look at the meagre supplies in your pack, and wish for the days before the power mysteriously went out. How much longer will you survive?



The Long Dark is a thoughtful, exploration-survival experience that challenges solo players to think for themselves as they explore an expansive frozen wilderness in the aftermath of a geomagnetic disaster. There are no zombies — only you, the cold, and all the threats Mother Nature can muster.



The episodic story-mode for The Long Dark, WINTERMUTE launches with two of the five episodes that form its Season One.

  • In Episode One: “Do Not Go Gentle”, bush pilot Will Mackenzie (player character) and Dr. Astrid Greenwood are separated after their plane crashes deep in the Northern Canadian wilderness in the aftermath of a mysterious flash of light in the sky. Struggling to survive as he desperately searches for Astrid, Mackenzie comes across the small town of Milton, where he begins to understand the scope of this quiet apocalypse.
  • In Episode Two: “Luminance Fugue”, Mackenzie’s search for Astrid takes him deeper into the savage Winter wilderness. A mysterious trapper may be the key to finding Astrid, but can he be trusted?
  • The first two episodes of WINTERMUTE represent approximately 15 hours of gameplay. Episodes Three to Five are included in the price of the game, and will be unlocked for free as they are released.
  • Features performances by Jennifer Hale, Mark Meer, David Hayter, and Elias Toufexis (Episode Three), and the music of Cris Velasco.


Survival Mode is the free-form, non-narrative survival sandbox that has been honed over nearly three years on Early Access.

  • No hand holding! The game challenges players to think for themselves by providing the information but never the answers. You have to earn the right to survive.
  • Permadeath! When you die in Survival Mode, your save is deleted. Every decision matters. [Note that WINTERMUTE does not feature permadeath.]
  • Condition and Calories: Monitor your Hunger, Thirst, Fatigue, and Cold as you struggle to balance resources with the energy needed to obtain them. Every action costs Calories, and time is your most precious resource. Choose your path carefully.
  • Scour the World for Supplies: Over 100 gear items including Tools, Light Sources, Weapons, First Aid supplies, Clothing, and more.
  • A Vast Living World: Explore a 50 square kilometre Northern Canadian wilderness in search of precious supplies. In Winter. Dynamic time of day, weather, wildlife presence, etc. provide just enough randomness to keep things challenging.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Hunt, fish, trap, climb, map, search for life-saving food and gear items, and try to avoid dying from the hostile wildlife, succumbing to hypothermia, frostbite, or dysentery (amongst other uncomfortable afflictions), find and maintain your life-saving gear.
  • Hunt or Be Hunted: Wildlife to hunt and be hunted by: Wolves, Bears, Rabbits, Deer, Crows, and more to come in future updates.
  • Choose Your Experience: Four distinct Experience Modes let you find a challenge level you are comfortable with, such as Pilgrim Mode, which is meant to be quiet and pensive, all the way to Interloper Mode, where only the most experienced survivors have a chance to last a week.


Survival is your only goal, and death your only end. Make your own survival story with every game.


Features the music of Sascha Dikiciyan.


Several standalone Challenge Modes offer objective-based experiences designed to last 1-3 hours each, such as Whiteout — the race to gather enough supplies to prepare for a monster blizzard. Or Hunted, where you need to escape a murderous Bear. Complete them to unlock Feats that provide long-term gameplay benefits in Survival Mode. Five Challenges exist at launch, with more on the way in future updates.


In addition to releasing the remaining three episodes of WINTERMUTE, we intend to continue updating Survival Mode, as we have done with about 100 updates/hotfixes over the past three years of Early Access. Keep in mind that your purchase of The Long Dark entitles you to all five episodes of WINTERMUTE, as well as updates to Survival Mode along the way.


Hinterland is a small independent developer of original interactive entertainment. Based on Vancouver Island, Canada, Hinterland’s team is largely distributed across North America. Although The Long Dark is the studio’s first game, Hinterland is made up of veterans of the “triple-A” games industry, with lead developers from several renowned studios including Valve, Ubisoft Montreal, Relic, Volition, Capcom, Radical, BioWare, Sony London, and United Front games.



Version 1.27:

  • Numerous Art optimizations to improve performance
  • Numerous Environment optimizations
  • General optimizations
  • Update to Rewired Controller API for improved compatibility using gamepad/controllers on PC/Mac
  • Fixed several rare crashes
  • Disabled crash reporting for Modded games (to reduce the amount of non-relevant crash report data)



  • [Both] Moose sign scratches now appear with the correct color and texture across all Regions.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where player could become trapped when walking while crouched behind chair in Milton Credit Union office.
  • [Both] Added Charging Station sign to the Orca Gas Station in Milton.
  • [Both] Starfield no longer visible through light snow in Milton.
  • [Both] Fixed issue causing a snowy hillside to appear inside a Broken Railroad Region Cave.
  • [Both] Fixed scaling issue with toilets in Carter Dam.
  • [Both] Blood Decals now appear correctly when Harvesting or Quartering.
  • [Both] Fixed issue with some Rose Hip bushes appearing to float above the ground in Mountain Town Region.
  • [Both] Fixed issue causing footsteps to sometimes look distorted in the snow.
  • [Both] Fixed a gap in the terrain in Mountain Town Region, near the entrance to Mystery Lake.
  • [Both] Fixed issue with inconsistent appearance of arms during Wolf Struggles.
  • [Both] Fixed issue with terrain near the Collapsed Tunnel in Mountain Town Region that was impeding player movement.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where Ambient Occlusion improvements weren’t visible on a bridge in Desolation Point.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue with incorrect snowy terrain appearing in a Forlorn Muskeg Cave.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where exiting buildings could result in a black screen.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Tractor near Quonset Garage was incorrectly illuminated.
  • [Survival Mode] Improved presentation of thumbnail images in the Survival Mode loading menu.
  • [Survival Mode] Improved road and bridge textures in Desolation Point
  • [Wintermute] Items in the Hunter’s Blind near Alan’s Cave in Mystery Lake Region now have the correct texture.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where chimney smoke would incorrectly appear coming from homes in Milton.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where a gap could be seen in Jeremiah’s neck during Episode Two cinematics.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issues with incorrect Rifle movement in Episode Two cinematics.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue with incorrect item texture on Lake Cabin Key #2.

Gameplay & User Interface

  • [Both] Added Clothing UI Icons and tooltips when pressing R3 on gamepads.
  • [Both] Removed reticle when aiming the Survival Bow (as intended)
  • [Both] First Aid icon no longer disappears from the screen when Cooking or Boiling Water.
  • [Both] Fixed issue causing awkward First Person arm movements when accessing inventory with Flashlight equipped.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where Slope information would incorrectly appear when climbing up and down ropes.
  • [Both] Clothing items no longer display incorrect damage textures at low Condition.
  • [Both] Improved positioning for various Scrub Brush placements in the environment.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where double-inputs were occurring with the Steam Controller when accessing inventory.
  • [Both] Fix for being able to climb up steep objects the player should not be able to climb.
  • [Both] Fixed issue causing players to get Cabin Fever in Wintermute. Cabin Fever is now disabled in all three Wintermute Experience Modes.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issues keeping Faithful Cartographer achievement from triggering.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Stone Church icon was not displaying correctly after being mapped.
  • [Survival Mode] Removed fall death triggers on cliff wall above Milton Basin.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue that prevented players from Harvesting certain Tree Limbs in the game.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Moose Hide Satchel was not showing the correct bonus when the game was set to display Imperial Units.
  • [Survival Mode] Improved ease of mapping the Cinder Hills Coal Mine entrances in Coastal Highway and Pleasant Valley.
  • [Survival Mode] When selecting a Region in a new Survival Mode game, it will now always default to the last Region the player loaded.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where no on-screen message would appear when approaching transition between Mountain Town and Forlorn Muskeg Regions.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Harvesting UI could sometimes default to “Take All.”
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where the Paradise Meadows Farmhouse could appear unlocked by default.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing various tools to spawn incorrectly in Interloper and Custom Experience Modes.
  • [Survival Mode] Players can no longer continue Crafting after a single Match burns out.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where subtitles remain on-screen after character voice over ends.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where crows would circle locations with no corpses present.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed various issues blocking progress during the opening survival missions in Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where voice over subtitles were missing after sustaining a fall injury.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where Water in inventory was incorrectly counted, preventing Coffee and Tea brewing.
  • [Wintermute] Grey Mother’s Soup no longer remains hot for too long when added to player inventory.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue causing Fatigue to apply incorrectly when Rope Climbing.
  • [Wintermute] Players can no longer Inspect Jeremiah’s Coat in Episode Two.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where text could flicker during Trust interactions with Jeremiah in Episode Two.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where smoke would not appear from the Trapper’s Cabin chimney, even though a fire is burning inside.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue in Episode Two Lake Gunshots Mission where the mission marker was not resolving correctly upon completion.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where error message “Failed to Restore the Game From a Previous Save” could appear incorrectly in Episode One, causing the player to return to the Main Menu.
  • [Wintermute] Improved UI feedback when attempting to access empty sections of the Journal.
  • [Wintermute] Players can now transfer stacked items to Grey Mother during a Trust interaction.
  • [Wintermute] Changed location of First Aid Kit at the beginning of Episode One to make it more noticeable to players.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where Methuselah would appear at the wrong time in Episode Two.
  • [Wintermute] Added container for player gear in Grey Mother’s House and Jeremiah’s Cabin. Using these containers will not affect Trust levels with either character.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where mission objectives from previous save games could appear at the beginning of Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where the incorrect UI label was displayed when players attempted to create a new save game.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue with Rifle sometimes not responding during Episode Two mission “Jeremiah’s Folly.”
  • [Wintermute] Improved first-person camera motion to make it easier to interact with Metal Shard at the beginning of Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where Breaking Down catwalk planks in the Upper Dam could keep players from finishing Episode Two.


  • [Both] Fixed issue with audio that was sometimes causing too much reverb effect when exploring outdoors.
  • [Both] Firing a Rifle indoors no longer affects pitch and speed of voice over audio.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where outdoor audio reverb could be heard inside the Hunting Lodge in Broken Railroad Region.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where character voice over reverb could be heard in caves, even when voice-over audio was turned off.
  • [Survival Mode] Walking on the frozen river outside Milton now produces the correct footstep audio effects.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue causing incorrect audio to play when Crafting Tinder from paper items.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where fall injuries could lead to voice over audio that was out of sync.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where exploration music cues were not playing as intended.
  • [Wintermute] Improved Fire audio during Grey Mother cinematics in Episode One.


  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue with cinematic freezing at the end of Episode One, which prevented the game from continuing.
  • [Wintermute] Improved Mathis character position during Episode Two cinematic.
  • [Wintermute] Improved Jeremiah’s character position and audio syncing during Episode Two cinematic.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue causing the camera to incorrectly rotate during cinematics.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where audio and visual effects were out of sync when Will trips and falls during the Episode Two cinematic in Broken Railroad.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue causing Will and Jeremiah character models to vanish from the first cinematic when loading Episode Two and skipping the introduction.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where a chair would appear incorrectly during a Grey Mother cinematic.


  • [Both] Fixed issue where interior lighting could create unintended shadows.

Collision Fixes

  • [Both] Fixed issue causing players to get stuck on a fence in Mountain Town Region.
  • [Both] Fixed collision issues with bridge leading to Paradise Meadows Farm.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where Bears could be stuck on broken ice in Desolation Point.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issues with player/terrain collision when walking around Hibernia Processing and on approach to the Lonely Lighthouse in Desolation point.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed collision issue that allowed Will to partially walk through Grey Mother’s rocking chair.

General Fixes

  • [Both] Crows will no longer sometimes fly too low and into the ground as the weather changes.
  • [Both] Crouching close to Bears no longer lets players move inside the carcass.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where blood splatter effect could appear too bright against the snow.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where Region and Location details were incorrectly displayed in the loading menu.
  • [Both] Fixed issue where Region and Location details were incorrectly displayed in the loading menu.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where Wolves would sometimes be out of position when feeding on carcasses.
  • [Survival Mode] Added no-spawn areas to the docks at the FIshing Camp in Coastal Highway, to keep Wolves from getting trapped there.
  • [Survival Mode] Adjusted Soda Can location in Mountain Town Region to make it accessible.
  • [Survival Mode] Fixed issue where various doors were incorrectly showing a locked icon when Inspected.
  • [Survival Mode] Improved camera position and framing of Moose carcass during Harvesting.
  • [Survival Mode] Closed off an unintended exit from the Milton Basin area in Mountain Town Region.
  • [Survival Mode] Fix for Wolves appearing on the Quonset Garage roof.
  • [Custom Mode] General Resource Availability setting in the Custom Toolbox now more accurately reflects the corresponding Resource level in each Experience Mode, i.e. if it is set to “Low,” no Hunting Knives will spawn, as in Interloper.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where players could walk through the tree at the crouch tutorial location in Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue with Wolf feeding animation at Paradise Meadows Farm in Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where Region information was appearing at incorrect times when transitioning from interior to exterior locations.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed several issues that could block progression during Grey Mother missions in Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Improved camera position when interacting with Astrid’s Case at the beginning of Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Added a decimal point to Deer Meat amount in player’s inventory for Episode Two, adding clarity to the completion of the “Survival School” missions.
  • [Wintermute] Removed feeding Wolf from Forlorn Muskeg Region that would appear unaffected by the Aurora.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where an error message could appear after progressing to Day 5 in opening Survival Bowl section of Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Players can no longer place a Storm Lantern on Grey Mother’s head.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where inventory items could be lost after cancelling out of a Trust interaction with Grey Mother.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue with icons sometimes not appearing on map in Episode One.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue where player would sometimes be standing on a chair after finishing dialogue with Grey Mother.
  • [Wintermute] Fixed issue with mouse inputs instantly loading manual save files in the Story save menu.
  • [Wintermute] Added fade to black transition at the end of Episode Two cinematic in Jeremiah’s Cabin, to avoid potential gameplay interruption.



OS X 10.9.3 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 3.82GB