SketchList 3D 4.0.3617 – Woodworking Design Software


SketchList 3D is an integrated modeling program designed specifically for woodworkers. As your designs progress all drawings and SketchList.3Dreports, including an optimized sheet and board layout diagram, are created in the background. Any changes to the design are immediately reflected in all reports.


Other design and CAD software simply automate the tasks of drawing lines and shapes, and in most cases provide dimensions. To move a drawing to the shop you must pull off a parts list, figure out how you will lay out those parts on their source materials, and create a purchasing report. Changes to the design require re-doing the reports and drawings.


SketchList 3D is a visual design tool that allows you to work by manipulating 3D objects on your screen.  You work with virtual boards by dragging and dropping, cutting and pasting, or entering specific sizes and locations.


Design and CAD software require you to draw your designs with lines and shapes, connecting them together. This works well enough for two dimensional designs, but moving to the third dimension is complex and difficult.


SketchList 3D contains built-in woodworking functions including joinery, contours, hole drilling, and cutting of shapes.  You can put a tenon on the ends of a board with a few mouse clicks. The same thing happens to apply an ogee or mitered edge.   Because of the integration,  adding a tenon automatically adds the length of the tenon to the cut list and layout diagram.


Design and CAD software require you to apply woodworking functions to your design by drawing them. With CAD an ogee becomes a drawing project involving a series of lines and curves.


SketchList 3D gives you control over every board, cut, angle and hole in your design.  True one-off designs can be easily and quickly carried out using the visual virtual board approach.  You can meet your design goals, work within the limitations of your project space, and satisfy your clients.  Of course with SketchList 3D you can create your own library of objects for repetitive use when that is needed.


There is a series of cabinet design programs on the market that require you to design by pulling fixed cabinets from a library and placing them in your design.  Sometimes these programs are linked to manufactures and act as online order forms or catalogs.  This can be a good thing and many of these programs have extensive libraries of style and color.  But when you need to design that cabinet or shelf that is just a little bit out our the norm you are out of luck with these package.


SketchList stands by its product. From the first installation, through training both free and paid, through constant communications about how to use the product to make you more productive, to an ongoing product development program.  SketchList stands with its customers in their woodworking efforts.


The customer and product support efforts of the numerous CAD companies varies greatly. Many of the low cost packages offer little one on one communication or support. Most of the expensive products charge an annual fee for support and product upgrades.


SketchList 3D woodworking design software was developed because the CAD software on the market fails to meet the specific needs of a woodworker with average computer skills.  CAD is just too hard to learn.  But even if if someone is able to learn to use it, the CAD approach does not provide all the functions and integrated reports needed by a woodworker.



Version 4.0.3617:

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Mac OS X 10.6 or later

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