PlistEdit Pro 1.9.6 – Property list editor


PlistEdit Pro is the most advanced property list editor written for Mac OS X. Property list files are used throughout PlistEdit.ProMac OS X, and with PlistEdit Pro, users can easily change these files and exert finer control over their systems. You can use PlistEdit Pro in your development work, and its built-in preference file browser lets you explore and tweak your system’s settings to your heart’s content.


Some of PlistEdit Pro’s features include:

  • Full drag and drop and copy/paste support
  • Full keyboard navigation of the interface
  • The ability to view and edit a property list both in an outline and as raw text
  • Support for editing both plist and JSON files
  • Extensive Applescript support, for automating processes involving property list files
  • Property list definitions, which make editing common forms of property lists less cumbersome
  • Full multi-level undo support
  • Powerful find/replace capabilities
  • A built-in window to browse through your preference files
  • Customizable fonts



Version 1.9.6:

  • The minimum system version for PlistEdit Pro is now macOS 12.0 (Monterey)
  • Fixed a bug where plist files stored in a subfolder inside ~/Library/Preferences would not be read properly.
  • We now strip styling from text pasted into the JSON/XML view.
  • When editing a plist created by CFKeyedArchiver or NSKeyedArchiver, edits made to the values for “CF$UID” keys are now saved properly on macOS Ventura.
  • Changed Preferences window title and menu to “Settings” on macOS Ventura
  • Fixed alignment of disclosure triangles in the Key column on macOS Ventura when using a structure definition.
  • Fixed certain escape sequences not being handled properly in strings with the “Copy as Swift Literal” and “Copy as ObjC Literal” commands.
  • Fixed a crash on macOS Ventura when using the “Copy as Swift Literal” or “Copy as ObjC Literal” commands with certain values.
  • We now display an error message when trying to save a .dvtplugin style structure definition.
  • We now automatically detect binary plist and bookmark data and use custom formatters for them by default.
  • Moved management of structure definitions out of the preferences, er, settings window and into a separate window accessible via Definition > Manage Definitions.
  • The file extensions specified by the structure definition itself are now used to determine what definition to use when opening a particular file.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 12.0 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 5.3MB