Data Merge 1.1.2 – Merge your data into text


Data Merge can generate, starting from a data table and a group of prototype paths and text forms, a series of files on disk where the content of the files and even the final paths is created combining the FIELDS value inside the data table with the prototype text and paths



  • Text files with a standard content each personalized with custom data, name, address, email, products and others
  • Configuration files, each using the same form with different domain name, email, IP, and saved with a different name
  • Configuration files organized in complex folders structures, each inside a different folder named as a custom UUID with 2 text inside named with a standard name but with different content inside obtained form records values from the table
  • Complex code structures in python (or any other language) realized combining values in a table with a repetitive algorithm, all in one file
  • Web sites with pages with all the record inside a single page (index) and additionally a page for any records in the data table saved inside directory named as a field value for any records and linked from the index (Yes you can generate a full working web site using Data Merge)
  • A group of file each containing for some fields all the data in the data table
  • Fast code generator copying the result from preview without saving to disk



  • Doing what Data Merge can do by hand is time consuming and full of error
  • Creating folders and nested folders and nested files all with custom name and custom content inside, all with different values, it’s not a job for humans, but often there is no alternative because the structure we need to generate is too complex and there is not an automation tool made for it and creating a custom one will be too expansive
  • With Data Merge you can do all you can do by hands combining data with forms and paths, except you need few seconds and not weeks of work
  • No need to writing a single line of script
  • If you need often to merge data and structure combining them to obtain simple or complex results, Data Merge is the universal tool made for you



  • All point and click
  • No coding required
  • Easy import data to your Data Base
  • Define root folder where to generate
  • Specify paths where to save also using FIELDS values or TAGS value
  • Specify what to save in file also using FIELDS values or TAGS value
  • ‘One per Record’ and ‘All in One’ generation available
  • No limits of paths or data or generated type
  • Preview
  • Generate in a click



  • Can import data from any format TSV, CSV, SSV to the Database Table
  • Can define prototype paths where to save, based on text paths including also FIELDS values that changes for any record
  • Can generate complex nested paths where to save assigning not only file names but also folders name nested at any level
  • ‘One per Record’ generation: Can generate a series of file or complex nested paths for any record in the database with custom content inside for any record
  • ‘All in One’ generation: Can generate a single file in a nested path with all the data records combined and appended inside the same file
  • For all records appended in one file: editable header, body and separator (repeated for each file) and footer
  • Unlimited number of file prototypes both for ‘One per Record’ and ‘All in One’
  • Can show preview for any path and record of the generated paths and file contents
  • A log reports you all generation operations and errors to fix
  • Generate thousands and thousands of folders nested at any level with custom names and files with content combining the prototypes with the contents of your database in few seconds
  • Document based. Save different work set in different documents. Open and click. Done
  • PDF User Guide and Tutorials



  • User Guide (with tutorials) in PDF inside the application via the Help menu
  • You can download the 5 tutorial documents from inside the application



Version 1.1.2:

  • Bug fixes
  • Improved User Guide
  • Optimized for macOS 14 Sonoma



  • Intel, 64-bit processor, Apple Silicon
  • macOS 10.13 or later




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Size – 9.8MB