Noir 2023.1 – Browse better at night


Noir is a Safari extension that automatically adds a dark mode to every website you visit.


It makes browsing the web at night so much better. With Noir, you won’t be blinded by bright websites ever again.


And the results look great too. Noir generates a custom dark style for each website you visit, based on the colors that are used on a page. You won’t even notice this happening in the background – that’s how fast it is – but you’ll certainly appreciate the end result: a beautiful dark mode tailored for each website, where contrast is preserved and highlights still pop.


Noir works with any website you visit in Safari, automatically. By default, Noir is linked to your device’s Dark Mode, so websites will only go dark when you want them to. But you can easily customize this to your liking, even per website. Only want to use Noir on just a few specific websites? Sure thing! Disable Noir on some websites? No problem!


The app feels right at home on your device. It is a Safari extension, which means there’s no need to manually activate it every time you load a new page. The app also tightly integrates with system features such as Shortcuts to fully integrate Noir in all your workflows. And your settings are automatically synced to all your devices using iCloud.


And just as importantly, Noir takes your privacy seriously: it doesn’t collect any of your browsing data. Period.


Noir is made by a solo developer. It does not include any subscriptions or ads. Buy Noir once, use it forever.



  • Found a website where Noir’s dark mode doesn’t look just right? Let me know by reporting it. The app will be frequently updated to address issues that are reported.


Version 2023.1:

This brand new update of Noir brings a ton of website fixes and performance improvements. Noir is now even faster and more reliable in darkening your favorite websites.


There’s also a few new features and other improvements:

  • Added menu options to quickly enable or disable Noir to the right-click menu in Safari. Simply right-click on a page to change Noir’s website for the current website.
  • Noir’s Focus Filters, which were already available on iOS, are now also available on macOS. This allows you to quickly enable or disable Noir based on your current Focus mode, or even change themes depending on the Focus mode that you’re in.
  • Added an option to the About screen to reset all settings.
  • If you tweak Noir’s setting for a specific URL, those settings now also apply to similar URLs with different query parameters. If you’re confused by what this means, then this feature probably is not for you, but if you do know, chances are you’re going to be quite happy with it 🙂
  • Additionally, if you set up URL-specific settings for a URL that does contain query parameters, you can now clean the URL and strip the parameters in the Noir app.
  • The Noir menu in Safari now shows an info notice when you’re in Private Browsing Mode, reminding you that if you change the Noir settings of a website, the website will show up in the Noir app.
  • Fixed an issue in the Noir app where the app would go back to the main screen when attempting to make changes to themes or keyboard shortcuts.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.12 or later




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Size – 7.9MB