CLO3D Modelist 2.2.95 – Virtual fit models design software


With our simple placement gadgets and intelligent sewing tools, you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to make a Virtual clo3d-modelistGarment. Confirm the virtual before you cut, make, trim and ship the physical. No more yardage wasted, no more loose threads. Literally.



In addition to standard DXF AAMA file integration, our Direct Converter Module let’s you use native pattern files from any 2D CAD System. Sync the seams of your 2D and 3D worlds in one go, and keep them that way.



ee design modifications happen in real-time as you make adjustments to the pattern. Make informed decisions on the spot, from the overall silhouette down to the scale and placement of each pocket.



We would never try to replace your favorite fit model. But we can offer you an on-call double for those spontaneous fittings and late night walk-throughs. Custom-generate any number of Avatars, using anatomical and postural parametrics or accurate body scan data. Check the fit with stress, strain, and pressure maps. Try on hoods, belts, and entire looks in our stable simulation environment – without the worry of model rates and catering.


Tools that are designed around you

The 2D folk have got the 2D down, so we’ve been concentrating on perfecting our 3D craft. We’ve created tools that are essential to the garment-making process and mimic the art of that process in an intuitive and familiar way. It’s an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface that’s also quite easy on the eyes.



Version 2.2.95:

  • [Added] Colorway.
  • [Added] Color Palette and Eyedropper.
  • [Added] High-quality Snapshot.
  • [Added] Multiview Snapshot.
  • [Added] 1:1 3D View.
  • [Added] Bond/Skive option(Partial physical property) on Internal shape.
  • [Added] Side geometry.
  • [Added] 3D Line Length Display.
  • [Added] Offset as Internal Line.
  • [Added] Sewing Line type (Flat / Turned)
  • [Added] Fold Patterns based on Internal shape or Seamline without simulation.
  • [Added] Direct Positioning on Gizmo.
  • [Added] Create / Edit button on 2D Window.
  • [Added] Piping Edit Tool.
  • [Added] 1:N Sewing tool button on 2D Toolbar for Mac users.
  • [Added] Vizoo file importer
  • [Added] Zoom to Selected (F key) in Edit Basting.
  • [Added] Transparent Garment Rendering Style.
  • [Added] Assign to New Style tool button and pop-up context menu for Fabric / Button / Sewing style.
  • [Added] Assign tool button for Fabric / Button / Sewing style.
  • [Added] Update crash report automatically.
  • [Added] Support DXF-ASTM file format.
  • [Added] Support LXO file format (Modo scene file format).
  • [Added] Support Vizoo file format(xTex) on pop-up menu of Fabric window.
  • [Added] Support Adobe Color Swatches(ACO), Adobe Swatch Exchange(ASE) file format on Color Palette.


  • [Improved] UI
  • [Improved] Main menu / Pop-up menu term.
  • [Improved] Stitch Algorithm.
  • [Improved] Video Capture performance.
  • [Improved] Print Layout mode.
  • [Improved] Add Point dialog.
  • [Improved] 2D Grid display.
  • [Improved] Internal Line display in 2D window.
  • [Improved] OBJ Export with seamLine stitch, desaturated image.
  • [Improved] Puckering image import with real size and aspect ratio.
  • [Improved] Force-sync on changing property on Sewing Style .
  • [Improved] Move / Rotate button with Move object tool on 3D window.
  • [Improved] Pinching Button during Simulation.
  • [Improved] View control speed during Simulation.
  • [Improved] “Zoom to Selected” follows to the picking position not object center.
  • [Improved] Brighten 3D default lights for making 3D scene more like the real scene.
  • [Improved] Color is displayed on 2D pattern.
  • [Improved] 3D Window Background setting.
  • [Improved] Add a line with a specific length.
  • [Improved] Support “Drill Hole” when importing DXF.


  • [Fixed] Deleted Buttons remained on the garment file.
  • [Fixed] Cannot undo after resetting position of Button.
  • [Fixed] Animation with Buttons does not export properly.
  • [Fixed] Crash when importing extra-high quality images.
  • [Fixed] Crash sometimes when superimpose.
  • [Fixed] Load Pose & Size pop-up window is behind the Loading window.
  • [Fixed] Avatar does not save in ZPrj file sometimes.
  • [Fixed] Crash sometimes when using trace function.
  • [Fixed] Installation problem related to preset files on windows XP.
  • [Fixed] Crash sometimes when using convert to segment point function.
  • [Fixed] Crash sometimes when using offset as Internal Line function.
  • [Fixed] Puckering normal does not show properly.


  • [Updated] Korean, Italian, and Chinese translation.



OS X 10.9 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 296.2MB


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