Zii 7.0.0 – Adobe 2022 Suite Crack Solution



  • Automatically find & patch all installed Ae-Ai-Ic-Id-Me-Pl-Pr-Ps Adobe products in Applications folder.
  • Manually patches Adobe application when you drop it on Adobe Zii Patcher.


If you have Adobe products installed in a directory different from Applications please use the drag and drop mechanism.


If you have Creative Cloud subscription for certain Adobe apps you may not patch these products. Only patch the ones you have no license for.


If you have trial active or expired after patching an app nothing will change in Creative Cloud interface but the program will start without any issues.


For aesthetic reasons you may perform trial reset by running these two commands in terminal:


Supported Products:

  • Photoshop Elements 2022
  • Premiere Elements 2022


Adobe Installation Instructions

  1. Turn off your internet source >> and don’t sign in to adobe cloud if asked.
  2. Make sure your GateKeeper is disabled >> Read this to know how to disable it.
  3. Double click on “install” to install the adobe app but if it does not start or say it is damaged then right click on “install” >> Show Package Contents >> Contents >> MacOS >> now double click on “Install” binary and it will work.
  4. After you finish installing it >> open “Adobe.Zii.2022*.dmg” >> then double click on “Adobe Zii 2022*.app” >> hit “PATCH OR DRAG” button >> It will ask for your mac password, type it >> YOU ARE DONE!



In case the patch does not open or you get damaged app message >>

  1. Open “Adobe.Zii.2022*.dmg” >> now drag & drop “Adobe Zii 2022*.app” to your desktop ( it is IMPORTANT ) >> and then download our helper from here
  2. Open the helper by double click or right click >> open >> choose number 3 “Allow Single App To ByPass The GateKeeper” >> hit return >> drag & drop “Adobe Zii 2022*.app” from your desktop over the terminal >> hit return >> type your password >> hit return.
  3. Now open “Adobe Zii 2020*.app” on your desktop and hit “PATCH OR DRAG” button >> It will ask for your mac password, type it >> YOU ARE DONE!



Version 7.0.0:


  • Photoshop Elements 2022
  • Premiere Elements 2022



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.12 or later

ScreenShots :



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