Stellar Settlers Space Base Builder Early Access 0.6.2 – Colony Sim Strategy Game


Stellar Settlers is a chill space base/city builder and colony simulation game set in the depths of uncharted space. As you embark on a cosmic adventure, take control of a space settlement and build your thriving colony on alien planets with different challenging and hostile environments that want to destroy your colony. 


Every new planet is different, procedurally generated environment, ores, special events, new settlers, building pods and stories. Adapt your play style to mine and collect as much materials you can. When you are stable enough, start designing and building a physics-based spaceship (similar to Kerbal Space Program) to escape the planet when environment conditions get too harsh. Progress through different planets and visit them all.


Explore the unknown, mine valuable resources, and manage your colony with strategic choices like picking talented Settlers. Wishlist it now!


With original vertical space base building mechanics, strategize your base with horizontal and vertical connections to the Base Pods with different functionality, durability, and cost. Mine more, build a bigger, safer space base for your Settlers.


Take on the adventure and challenge of overcoming 5 different carefully designed hostile planets (will be 10 after full release), that want to ruin your plans and colony in every step. Every planet’s environment and disaster mechanics require a different mindset and strategy to overcome.


Your Settlers are your most important tool for success. With progressively unlocking new settlers with different talents and perks, pick the Settlers to come with you, based on your own play style and strategy.


When you start earning profits and collect enough Universal Credit, start building your Starship to exploit even better & richer planets, gain more Universal Credit and REPEAT!



Version 0.6.2:

  • Release notes are available here.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.13 or later




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Size – 390.8MB