Mimestream 1.1.1 – A native macOS email client for Gmail


Mimestream combines your favorite Gmail features with the power of a native macOS app so you can move through your email effortlessly


Made for Mac, optimized for Gmail

As a native app written in Swift, Mimestream leverages the full power of macOS to deliver a lightning-fast and instantly familiar experience. Instead of using the IMAP protocol, Mimestream utilizes the Gmail API to enable an enhanced set of features that let you work with ease.


Work smarter, email faster

  • Rise above the noise and focus on the work that matters most. Mimestream makes it easy to keep your inbox organized with confidence.
  • Categorized Inbox – with support for Gmail’s categories, focus on what matters most and triage the rest at your leisure.
  • Multiple Accounts
  • Label Management


Committed to Privacy

Your data and credentials are stored only on your device, and the app only makes direct connections to Gmail. There are no intermediary servers, and Mimestream does not collect or sell your email.


Key Features

  • Lightweight and Fast – Mimestream is built for speed, and only uses a minimal amount of disk space to cache recent messages
  • Offline Access – Fully functional when offline and on the slowest connections-perfect for business travelers and whenever you’re on the go
  • System Notifications – Receive macOS system notifications when you receive new messages, so you never fall behind on important threads
  • Aliases – Your email aliases are automatically synced from Gmail without any setup and are used for replies when appropriate
  • Signatures – Signatures set up in Gmail are automatically synced with Mimestream
  • Robust Search – Enter any Gmail search query into Mimestream and get consistent results. Search while offline, too
  • Swipe Gestures – Use familiar macOS swipe gestures to quickly triage and archive your email
  • Tracking Prevention – Read your email privately – Mimestream blocks tracking pixels from 50+ of the most common tracking services
  • Keyboard Shortcuts – Triage your email quickly using keyboard shortcuts, including the option to use familiar Gmail or Apple Mail shortcut sets



Version 1.1.1:


  • Replying to messages with localized “Re” or “Fwd” prefixes may split the thread
  • Temporary text size adjustments via Command +/- don’t work correctly if the Text Size setting is very large



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 12.0 or later




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Size – 12.2MB