Metasequoia 4.7.7a – Create, edit and render complex 3D models


3D modeling applications are in high demand these days, as graphic designers, game developers and animators need specialized tools metasequoiato help them create new and better content. Whether you are an expert or beginner, there are plenty of apps to try out, but a versatile, easy-to-use platform is sometimes the best choice.


Metasequoia is one such application, as it is remarkably user-friendly, offers a strong feature set and supports numerous popular file formats, enabling you to work with objects created in various other apps.


Multiple editing modes that can be customized to best suit your workflow

An interesting feature offered by Metasequoia is the fact that it allows you to switch between several interface layouts with a single mouse click and change the contents of the command panel and toolbar so that it is ideal for performing certain operations.


When launching Metasequoia for the first time, it starts in Beginner mode, which offers a limited set of functions, but is relatively easy to get the hang of and is the best way for novices to learn the ropes.


There are three other modes available, designed for modeling and mapping, but you can also create your own layouts and save them for easy access.


Versatile 3D modeling application that offers a decent array of editing tools

Metasequoia supports numerous model formats, which means it can be relied on to open files created with other modeling apps or export your projects to formats supported by other applications.


Although Metasequoia is designed to be highly intuitive, it is worth noting that its editing features are rather limited when compared to other, more complex apps. Nevertheless, they will be sufficient for most designers.


Promising app that should be a reliable choice once it is officially released

Lastly, it should be mentioned that the OS X version of this multi-platform app is still in the beta testing phase, so some bugs are to be expected, and some features have yet to be implemented.


Overall, Metasequoia is an impressive app even at this early stage in the development process. It is a user-friendly modeling tool that is highly configurable and supports a wide array of file formats.



Version 4.7.7a:

  • [Quadlangulate] and [Thicken] support symmetric editing.
  • Single-sided or Double-sided for lathe can be specified in [Freeze].
Bug fixed:
  • Up vector in [Bend][Shear] cannot be moved by dragging.
  • Initial values are not applied to the result immediately after calling [Shift position].
  • A normal map for glTF shader is not displayed correctly in Direct3D 11 display.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.11 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 100.6MB