Note-C 2.4.0 – Versatile word processor with document-organization


Note-C is a very simple application for collecting your notes, snippets, and any other pieces of text without limiting access to your entries, yet offering extensive export features.

  • Saving your entries. Every single entry will be stored in a separate file and you can freely choose where your entries should be saved. All entries are saved in the open TXT file format so you can open your entries in many text editors.
  • Creating multiple notebooks. Note-C allows you to create multiple notebooks, so you can classify your entries by topic and project.
  • Special editor- and fullscreen-modes. Note-C’s editor offers a lot of features to make writing more efficient and minimize use of the mouse, such as automatic list creation (* and – signs) or moving of text passages with keyboard shortcuts. Also, Note-C offers fullscreen mode in OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Collecting external files. You can add files to each entry which will be stored in a separate folder.
  • Markup Support. Note-C supports the following markup-languages: Markdown, Textile, BBCode, Wikitext, HTML, and Smark.
  • Notice Collecting. Note-C offers a range of methods for creating a notice: use its integrated notice feature, the status bar, or the Note-C bookmarklet available for most Web browsers.
  • Exporting entries. Export to plain text, RTF, RTFD, HTML, DOC, ODT, and PDF, and choose to export your entries into separate files or to one file which collects all selected entries. You can also export your selected entries as an ePub-eBook file.



Version 2.4.0:


  • all-new Distraction-Free Mode with extensive settings that can be adjusted directly in the active Distraction-Free Mode


  • improvements when adding assets via drag’n drop
  • when selecting a directory for a diary, a directory within a package file can now also be selected
  • animated start and end of the distraction free mode. If you don’t want animations, you can switch them off in the Note-C preferences under „Reduce user interface animations“.
  • internal Textile parser: attributes can now be added to caption-, head- and foot-elements for tables

Bug fixes:

  • internal Textile parser: fixes a bug that could cause Note-C to crash
  • internal Textile parser: fixes a bug that prevented headings from being written across multiple lines
  • internal Textile parser: fixes an error that under certain circumstances adds br-tags in table structures
  • internal Textile parser: fixes an error when converting tables that could cause an abortion of the conversion
  • internal Markup Parser: fixes a bug for Markdown, MultiMarkdown and MarkdownExtra for numbered lists when using the tab character that could cause Note-C to hang or to display no formatted output at all
  • internal Smark parser: fixes an issue with anchor links
  • fixes a bug that could cause Note-C to crash when deleting assets



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later




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Size – 7.5MB