KeyTrails 1.2.5 – Keystroke Presenter


KeyTrails helps you present your keyboard input on your screen. Whether you are making a tutorial video, streaming your gaming session, or giving a business presentation, KeyTrails makes your content just a bit catchier.


KeyTrails offers:

  • Presentation: visualize your keystrokes in style.
  • Customization: personalize the look of keys.
  • Familiarity: the keys look and feel just like your physical device.
  • Control: limit the number of keys and their lifetime on screen.
  • Secure: privacy-focused, no data collection whatsoever.
  • Similarity: show the actual character as your output (optional).
  • Placement: position the window anywhere, on any screen.
  • Clicks: show your mouse clicks as well (optionally).
  • Native: universal binary supports both Intel and M1/M2 devices.
  • And many more…


KeyTrails does not collect any data. KeyTrails will never show any input inside secure fields like passwords. The data never leaves your device. You are encouraged to block KeyTrails with any firewall software for added peace of mind.


Version 1.2.5:

  • This update fixes the wrong mouse button display!
  • Now right mouse click will be right.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 11.0 or later




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Size – 3.5MB