Button Builder 1.0 – Create buttons for Web sites and applications


Although buttons make up just a tiny part of most pages, it’s these guys that make the web go ’round.Button.Builder

They are key to the ultimate purpose of the web: User Inter Action.

And this cool App ladies and lads, can do it all! Making them gorgeous, subtle, noticeable, blend in, stand out and everything in between.


Design Buttons that Adapt

Call them adaptive, responsive or magical, this App is insensitive to the latest buzz. Name it what you want, just make sure that your buttons are effective under all circumstances and in every situation. Button Builder helps you craft great looking and fast-loading buttons that adapt depending on display space and context.


You can have them change size, swap out text, or adjust contrast and font size to battle glare on mobile devices. A big fat button designed for large screens can even be transformed into a stylish icon for smaller display situations. Now how cool is that?


Buttons that Relay a Dialog?

Yep, they sure can. Start the conversation with a headline and (optional) explanatory second level text. Once you have them interested, you can reinforce your message by updating the button text on mouseover. Intrigued, your visitors will want to know if the button changes upon click as well. The possibilities are truly endless…


Use hover action to makes them shout out, whisper or seduce – anything to get clicked!


Pure CSS Goodness

You can be sure that your buttons won’t slow down your site’s load time. Even a big fat button will weigh less than a feather — loading at lightning speed these button are sure to arrive early to any party they’re invited to.


The intuitive design controls make managing cool button effects a breeze. Apply fierce gradients, add multiple shadows to make them feel real, and control corners to produce any shape you desire. From rectangular to circular shaped buttons (and everything in-between).


Use Fancy Fonts & Crafty Icons

The included icon fonts, crafted by the skilled Keyamoon, allow for endless design variations right in the App. Change size, color or add shadow for the ultimate custom appearance.


The Google Font integration gives you a huge choice of fonts for every imaginable situation. Use the widely popular Open Sans or go with Mystery Quest for a funky experience (yay, get funky with Button Builder!). All these fonts will show up nicely in every browser too. Pro tip: Remove button styles to design shout out messages or custom headers.



OS X 10.6 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 10MB


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