Bestzip 2 – Unarchive 7z&rar&zip 1.6.1 – For all kinds of archives


BestZip has been online for one and a half years and has won a total of 150,000+ five-star praise. Thanks to the support of BestZip team from new and old users.


BestZip 2 has a brand new design, and on the basis of inheriting all the advantages of “BestZip, more powerful functions are added. At the same time, the software interface is simpler and easier to use.


In order to give back to BestZip old users, BestZip 2 provides old users with a 20% upgrade discount, and old users are welcome to experience the upgrade.


Supported Formats

Support extract all kinds of archives, including but not limited to: RAR, ZIP, 7z, gz, sit, tbz, tar, xar, lha, lzh, hqx, bin, macbin, as, bz2, bzip2, bz, xz, iso, cdi, nrg, mdf, z, taz, tar-z, lzma, xip, ace, arj, arc, pak, spk, zoo, lbr, lqr, lzr, pma, cab, rpm, deb, alz, dd, cpt, pit, now, sea, exe, msi, cpio, cpgz, pax, warc, ha, adf, adz, dms, f, lzx, dcs, pkd, xms, zom, pp, nsa, sar, jar, nds, pkg, a, swf, pdf, alz, a01, b01, sfx


Cloud Password Service

Store the file password to the cloud server, you can get the stored password anytime and anywhere. You can also crack the encrypted compressed package online.



Support multiple formats of multi-volume archive decompression.



Drag the archive into the software window to preview the file.



Drag out the file (folder) you want to extract from the archive, which is convenient and quick.


Partial extraction

Support partial file decompression, no need to decompress the entire compressed package.


Quickly Extract

You can drag the file to the “BestZip 2″ icon to decompress, or you can set “BestZip 2” as the default opening method of the archive and double-click to unzip it.


File Compression

Support file encryption and compression, strong compatibility, support for multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android), reject file name garbled.


Support “speed first” and “compression rate first” two modes



Automatically save decompression and compression records to facilitate file search.


Password Book

Automatically save the password, and intelligently match the password. It is more convenient to decompress encrypted files.



Supports custom filtering rules, and the filtering function is super powerful.


No Ads

No ads, minimalist design, great experience.



Version 1.6.1:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause file compression to fail.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later




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Size – 12.1MB