Install Windows 10 on external drive


Windows is an essential operation system and many of us have some apps or game that only works on windows! so it may be necessary to have it installed on our macs but some users don’t like to repartition their mac internal drive due to lack of free storage or afraid from unexpected installation faults.


So that we prepare this tutorial to help you & the others installing windows on external drive without touching your internal mac drive. The main feature of this method is flexibility, like installing it on any external drive type ( HDD or SSD ) or size ( at least 128GB ) plus you can partition your external drive later and use it for several functions.


Using this method will keep your mac away from any hard disk modification/resize, you can also use your windows external drive on any other mac or regular PC and it will definitely work without any issue.



  1. MacOS 10.13 or later
  2. External SSD or HDD:
    • It is highly recommended to use external SSD to get the advantage of its high read/write speed but you can use HDD with no problems.
    • It is not recommended to use USB2/USB3 flash because it will become hot by time.
    • NOTE: Your external drive will be formatted to install windows, so make sure there is no important data inside.
  3. External mouse ( external keyboard is better too ) just until you install your mac windows driver then you can use your mac internal keyboard & trackpad.


Text instruction plus video tutorial are already included with the download



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Size – 15.5GB