NoteBook 4.0.4 – Electronic notebook for taking notes, managing and organized


NoteBook stores and organizes your notes and other information in electronic notebooks that look and work just like the NoteBookpaper ones you’ve used all your life. With outlining, diagramming, sketching, voice annotation, even PDF mark-up, NoteBook helps you take great notes whatever your note-taking style.


And NoteBook makes it easy to find anything with just a few clicks in the Multidex(TM), an auto-generated dictionary of the content in your Notebooks. Circus Ponies NoteBook is the perfect app for managing projects of any size, assignments and classwork, client information, research, and much more. Organize all of your important information in electronic notebooks that look and work just like paper

  • Stay organized with pages, tabs, sections, just like the paper notebooks you’ve used all your life
  • Store information of any kind and from any source, including notes, web clippings, documents, URLs, tabular data, action items, and more
  • Add PDFs directly to your Notebooks so that their pages mix in with your other note pages
  • Collect everything in a single Notebook, or create separate notebooks for each class, client, or project
  • With everything in one place there’s no more bouncing between the Finder and other apps for the notes and documents you need


Take thorough, accurate notes in the ultimate note-taking environment

  • Take “free-form” notes anywhere on a page, or structured notes using the built-in, full-featured outliner
  • Create diagrams and flowcharts from shapes and lines, or sketch using your mouse
  • Mark up PDFs with notes and diagrams, and even create new PDFs that include your annotations
  • Store data in tables with spreadsheet-like calculations
  • Record the person speaking as you type your notes using voice annotation, then replay the recording to flesh out your notes with whatever information you missed
  • Turn any note into an action item, set a priority and a due date, then publish it to your calendar


Find anything in seconds with NoteBook’s auto-generated dictionary of your content called the Multidex(TM)

  • Locate anything using what little you remember about it – a word, a person’s name, the date you entered it, 15 different ways in all
  • Click to find what you’re looking for – there are no arcane search strings to type, or reams of search results to pick through
  • Fill your Notebooks with information and know that you can find any note quickly and easily, 3 months from now or 3 years


What are people saying about NoteBook?

  • “NoteBook is the glue that holds together all the businesses and projects I work on, day-in and day-out.” -Robert Schumacher, Businessman & Marketing Consultant “NoteBook has allowed me to see all my notes and documents clearly in one place, and to easily view all the information I have on a certain topic.” -Toby Huelin, Student “NoteBook is what allows me to efficiently complete my assignments. I don’t know what I would do without it.” -Taylor G., Law Student
  • “NoteBook is an ingenious, all-in-one solution for anyone who needs to stay organized, whatever field they may be in” -Dmitri Sobol, COO



Version 4.0.4:

  • Fixed a bug that caused a Notebook that was saved with its cover page visible to be uncovered when reopened.
  • Fixed a bug that caused typing slowness.
  • Fixed a problem with text layout when multiple fonts existed in an outline item.
  • Fixed a problem with printing highlighted text.
  • Shift Escape now toggles Full Text Mode at all times, not only when you’re not editing an outline item.



OS X 10.6.8 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 21.1MB


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