myPoint Pro v1.3 – Coordinates tool for Mac desktop


myPoint Pro combines five tools in one: Crosshairs, Grille, Coordinates, Mouse Locator and Shade. All tools are customizable: hotkeys, color, opacity, size, thickness, offset.


myPoint will show its information above all other windows and applications, even when other application is active or in full screen.


Crosshairs tool displays two thin lines according mouse position.


  • Full screen on all monitors.
  • Customizable gauge, color, transparency and offset from mouse position.
  • Hotkey to toggle the tool visibility.


Grille tool displays grille by horizontal and vertical lines.

  • Full screen on all monitors.
  • Customizable gauge, aperture, color and transparency.
  • Customizable offset from mouse position – when the grille follows the mouse.
  • Two modes: Follow mouse and Pin.
  • Hotkeys to change aperture size.
  • Hotkey to toggle the tool visibility.
  • Construct the grille from specified number of bands, aka Rule of Thirds.
  • Hotkey to construct the grille from bands.


Coordinates tool displays information about current mouse position in menu bar and in a flying panel.


  • Five origin points to calculate cursor position: left-top, left-bottom, right-bottom, right-top and custom.
  • Set custom origin by a hotkey.
  • Move mouse cursor to origin point by a hotkey.
  • Input panel to set precisely mouse position. The panel can be open by a hotkey or from the application’s menu.
  • Copy current coordinates to the clipboard.
  • Display coordinates in X-Y or Y-X format.
  • Show or hide mouse coordinates via a hotkey.
  • Hotkeys to handle the tool.


Mouse Locator reveals the mouse cursor position with a gently animated mouse locator just press a hotkey or wave with the mouse. The locator is unobtrusive visual effect active up to few seconds.


  • Full screen on all monitors.
  • Locator activation: hotkey combination; single modifier key; mouse gesture.
  • Locator customization: colors and size; animation speed and repetition.


Shade allows you to adjust the brightness of your monitors.
It can dim monitors up to 100%.


The tool doesn’t fiddle with the monitor settings – it places translucent layers on top of your desktop and running applications.


  • Support full screen.
  • Support all connected monitors with desktop shade settings and up to six monitors with per screen shade settings.
  • The shade includes level and color, this way you can adjust different shade for each screen.
  • Respect mirroring displays and doesn’t overshadowing them additionally.
  • Uses hotkeys to deal with shade level. In addition the level can be changed in application’s menu in menu bar extras.
  • Shade level is not limited – it can be up to 100%.
  • Safety timeout – the total shading above 90% is treated as Heavy and will be decreased after the timeout elapsed.
  • Customization – hotkeys, colors, shade level, timeout.


myPoint Pro general features:

  • Show or hide application menu in menu bar extras via a hotkey.
  • Can start automatically at user login.
  • Customizable hotkeys to handle tools and their features.
  • All tools can be enabled and disabled.
  • All settings can be modified in the settings panel.
  • Support multiple users, screens and desktops.



Version 1.3:

• In Coordinates module:

A new Flying Panel with mouse coordinates:

– The panel can follow the mouse pointer or it can stand aside at user defined position.

– The panel is shown above all applications.

– The panel’s behavior and appearance are customizable.

Tip for laptop users – shrink the flying panel and hide myPoint from menu bar to free more screen space.

Tip for large screen users and presenters – expand the flying panel to make it visible from long distance.

• In Grille module:
Grille from Bands.
Now the right Grille can be constructed by pressing two hotkeys: Pin the grille and Apply bands.
This feature is very useful for tasks like Rule of Thirds.
The number of bands can be set in preferences panel.



64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later

ScreenShots :


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