iDesktop v1.0 – Multiple desktops and switch between them easily


iDesktop lets you have different desktops with DIFFERENT FILES and different wallpapers. Create a work desktop, a school desktop, a game desktop, a blank desktop… the possibilities are endless! It is time to cleanup your desktop the lazy way – make another one!

iDesktop is a program that enables you to have multiple desktops and switch between them easily. Use iDesktop to remove clutter from your desktop, bringing organisation to a whole new level. To access the iDesktop drawer at any time, simply click on the system menu icon.

iDesktop makes transfer of files between desktops easy. Simply open the iDesktop drawer, then drag+drop your files onto a particular desktop from the Finder. They are then instantly moved, ready to appear when you next visit that particular desktop.

NOTE: If desktops appear as solid black, please repair your hard disks permissions. iDesktop cannot work if your permissions are broken.

ScreenShots :






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