Cinema Effects 3.6 – Transform your videos into masterpieces


With Cinema Effects you can transform your videos into masterpieces.


All is easy and fast: you can compose videos, music, photos with simple operations, and apply a huge variety of effects in real time.


Features include video composition, video filters and effects, audio filters, audio mix, audio recording, animations, slow-motion, time-lapse and much more.



  • Add videos by simply dragging them on the editor. Arrange, cut, split by just selecting the video.
  • Use the Precision Editor to select exactly the desired frames.
  • Duplicate a video and place it where you want in the timeline.
  • Trim with maximum precision: you can set a start time and an end time for every video.
  • Change the speed of every video individually. Slow down up to 1/20x or speed up to 32x.
  • Apply a Fade in transition or a fade out transition.
  • More than 40 transitions you can apply with precise timing.
  • Create a reversed version of the video and audio.
  • Select a time range and save only the desired part of the video



  • You can control every aspect of the filter: parameters, start and end time, fade in, fade out. You can compose filters and add how many you want.
  • More than 80 filters, from basic to advanced.
  • All kind of adjustments: Color Controls, Exposure, Gamma, Vibrance, Shadows and Highlights, Temperature and Tint, Tone Curve, White Point Adjust, Noise Reduction…
  • All kind of transformations: Zoom, Crop, Rotate, Move, Straighten, Perspective Transform, Specular…
  • More than 200 color filters ready to use: Color Filters, Color Variations, Color Effects, Light Filters, Black & White Filters. You can customize the intensity and preview them in real time.
  • Video filters: Old Film, Grain, Night-Vision, Vignette, Tilt-Shift, advanced Depth of Field, Masked Variable Blur…
  • Advanced Filters: HSV Adjust, HSL Adjust, Level Saturation and Exposure…
  • LUT support: you can import 3D Cube LUTs or images and apply custom video filters.
  • More than 10 Distortion types: Bump Distortion, Hole Distortion, Twirl Distortion…
  • Dynamic zoom, move and zoom, Shaker.
  • Face Detector: recognize faces and apply color filters, distortion, frame or blur.
  • Chroma Key and Green Screen: compose videos or images with color defined background and create digital effects easily.
  • Compose images: more than 25 blend modes, adjust opacity, position, size, rotation, border and shadow. You can add how many watermarks, photos, pictures you want.
  • Text: add text, change opacity, angle, size, obliqueness, spacing, vertical characters, line width, color, and animate.
  • Add Video with animation: you can import a video, and move it while playing with different kinds of animation, apply shadow, border, and clip (rounded rectangle, circle, star…).
  • Use markers to precisely set filter times.
  • You can save all applied filters as a Preset and reuse them when you want.



  • Duplicate soundtrack and mix changing volume, pitch, adding reverb, using the bandpass filter, or the bass boost filter.
  • 10 Band Audio Equalizer with preamplifier and audio mix.
  • Add music files and mix, trim, change speed, repeat, change pitch, fade in, fade out.
  • You can add how many audio files you want and mix them with different volumes.
  • Record audio using a microphone, add the new track to composition and apply effects.
  • Additional features: Masks, Paths, Key Frames with interpolation, Object Tracking.
  • Supports all macOS / iOS video files, MOV, MP4, M4V, Motion-Jpeg AVI, HEVC, HDR and Apple ProRes codecs.
  • Export with different sizes and quality: 1280 x 720 (720p), 1920 x 1080 (1080p), 4K…
  • Slow-motion and time-lapse effects.
  • Import videos, audio files and images to the Library and have them ready to use with filters and compositions.
  • Save a session and open it later with all settings ready.


All filters are GPU based, and use optimized macOS Frameworks.


Version 3.6:

  • This additional update fixes a bug that could cause the video not to be exported correctly.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.10 or later




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Size – 59.5MB