Caret 1.1.0 – Markdown Editor for Mac


Caret is a Markdown editor with a beautifully simple interface that focuses on usability while still providing advanced features for powerCaret users.



  • Code highlighting for fenced code blocks.
  • Auto-completion of repetitive formatting tasks.
  • Context Commands: Hit + Space to see context commands or spelling suggestions.
  • Preview: Hit + P to see a preview of the current document.
  • File Navigation: Hit + T to browse the current folder.
  • Recent Files: Hit + E to browse recent files.



Version 1.1.0:

  • Add live preview with scroll position synchronisation – Cmd + P
  • Add export to PDF
  • Add heading navigation – Cmd + G
  • Add support for LaTeX math expressions – $$e=mc^2$$
  • Add support for footnotes – [^label]: footnote
  • Add support for interactive task lists – – [x] task
  • Add auto-completion for HTML tags – <u>underlined text</u>
  • Add typewriter scrolling mode
  • Add special icons for special folders
  • Add spell check support for non-English languages
  • Add stats for char count and reading time – click on word count to toggle
  • Add command for “Check for Updates”
  • Improve design of file navigation screens
  • Improve text cursor appearance across the app
  • Improve mouse cursor appearance on retina displays
  • Improve styles in preview
  • Improve auto-completion for ordered list items



OS X 10.8.5 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 38.7MB