Adobe InDesign 2022 17.3 – Professional print and digital publishing solution


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Version 17.3:

Fixed issues:

Core feature and workflow:

  • Endnotes do not work in Reflowable Epub with split document option.
  • Inconsistent behavior in Vertical typesetting, Place Holder icon.
  • Remove Blank Lines for Empty Fields in Data Merge applies incorrect paragraph styles to existing content.
  • Issue with Osaka font for PDF Page information.
  • [macOS Only] Moving App Window between monitors shows huge screen artifacts/splotches of Magenta color.
  • [Win Only] AdobeXMPScript library fails to load.
  • Accessibility checker is failing for elements in a group even if they have Alt text.
  • Alt Text added to group of nested groups will not tag them as Figure in exported tagged PDF.
  • Nested Alt Text accessibility check error for hyphens in text.
  • Figures alternate text now passes in Accessibility Checker panel for a group containing image and text with Alt text defined.
  • Error in ShareSheet if Review was created more than a certain time period ago & the document had remained open.
  • InDesign hangs due to issues with long footnotes.
  • [macOS Only] InDesign hangs when working with documents with Proximity dictionaries.
  • Duplicating an object in the same spread using Alt/Opt key does not work if the key is pressed after initiating the drag operation.

Stability and Performance:

  • Smart Objects from CCLib place at low resolution in ID.
  • [macOS only] InDesign 2022 crashes on launch in some cases.
  • InDesign 2022 crashes while switching between panels.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.15 or later

ScreenShots :



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