RouteBuddy v4.0 – GPS mapping application


RouteBuddy is a mapping application that can be used as an alternative to the software that shipped with your GPS device. All the essential functions of your GPS device are supported; all you need is a Mac, a GPS, and of course RouteBuddy.

– Supports road and topographic maps
– Supports USGlobalSat, Garmin, TomTom, and NMEA Devices
– Find and navigate to an address or feature
– Transfer Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
Here are just a few of the many features provided by RouteBuddy:
  • Create a route between locations
  • Navigate to a destination address or Point of Interest
  • Transfer Waypoint, Route and Track data to and from devices
  • Searching Map data with FastSearch
  • Recording live GPS data and tracking your route
  • Connect multiple GPS devices to your Mac
  • Open several RouteBuddy Map pages at once
  • Viewing and Printing full-screen maps
  • Smooth Synching of your data with your GPS device
  • Buying Road mapping for Worldwide countries
  • Harnessing the power of Google Earth and Google Maps from within RouteBuddy
  • Share Geocache and other location data
  • Import Geotagged URLs from the major online map services
  • Add useful Meta Data to your Maps and Waypoints
  • Post RouteBuddy URLs online to share with other users
Version 4.0:
Summary: This release contains over 30 improvements, including support for multi-page printing of maps to scale.
  • Added latest 2012.11 data to Santa Fe map.
  • Added sample map of Lac du Salagou (France).
  • Added sample route to Afan Valley map.
  • Added support for exporting route cards to CSV.
  • Added support for multi-page printing to scale.
  • Added support for OSGB/WGS84 grid overlay when printing.
  • Added support for printing route cards for direct routes.
  • Added watermark when printing from demo.
  • Fixed bug where notes field was missing focus ring.
  • Fixed crash when printing sub-range of pages.
  • Fixed hang if second sheet was opened during a map install.
  • Fixed incorrect progress bar when syncing some devices.
  • Fixed potential memory corruption when querying databases.
  • Increased number of folders/places in demo to 7.
  • Now accept dragged files anywhere in the main window.
  • Now group maps by scale in Maps panel.
  • Now keep demo map version numbers in sync with app.
  • Now prompt for licence information when installing maps.
  • Now remove scale suffix from map names.
  • Now save print page orientation between sessions.
  • Now support 16 cardinal directions on route card.
  • Now support copying purchase email to extract licences.
  • Now use ‘ft’ rather than ‘feet’ for small Imperial measurements.
  • Now use a better view when revealing a vector map.
  • Now use feature name to title print jobs.
  • Now use name+symbol as default routepoint appearance.
  • Now use small distance measurements under 1 km/mile.
  • Now use two digits for distances between 0.1-1.0 km/mile.
  • Reduced size of default routepoint icon.
  • Removed default start/end pins from routes.
  • Removed Store/Purchase panels.
  • Replaced demo window with task window.
  • Fixed bug where cursor could become stuck in filter field.
  • Fixed crash when printing more than once.
  • Removed support for Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Removed support for PowerPC.
Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
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