ResizeX v.4.1.1 – Converts and resize image format


ResizeX changes image size and converts image format of multiple files at once.
ResizeX is a shareware version of ResizeIt and it has some more useful features.

PreviewResized image can be shown in Preview window. Resizing images can be previewed and processed one by one. In this window high quality conversion and normal conversion can be compared too.
Calculating file sizeFile size of processed image can be calculated in preview window. (for JPEG format only)

Target file size conversionJPEG expression rate can be automatically adjusted by specifying target file size.

Specifying CPU usage rateResizeX can specify number of CPU core to use. Normally the app uses every CPU core to maximize processing speed, but ResizeX can be set the number of cores to use like 2 of 4 cores (50%). It can be useful to work other task and to process resizing in background simultaneously.

What’s New in Version 4.1.1
Improved “Choose folder to save images” function
ScreenShots :






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