Remoter v1.2.4 – All-in-one remote desktop utility


Remoter v1.2.4
Remoter, the best remote desktop client for iOS, makes its way into the desktop! Connect to all your VNC (Screen Sharing), RDP (Windows Remote Desktop), SSH and Telnet sessions from one app. Supports audio streaming for OSX and RDP. Multi-Monitor support for Lion requires RemoterFusion (free download) Remoter is intuitive and very easy to use!.

Version 1.2.4:
  • Fixed Discovery List for Snow Leopard
  • Added Pre
  • Lion Full Screen Mode (FullScreen (Carbon))
  • Alt support for terminal sessions (right
  • alt)
  • Fixed problem where keys stop responding in terminal sessions
  • Fix terminal when using control key (ctrl+c wasn’t working)
  • Fixed problem in Bonjour: MAC address resolution memory bug that could cause lockups / crashes. Also now enabled this for Mac version of Remoter.
  • Grid (Main Screen) updated for Snow Leopard to match features of Lion+ version
  • Different main menus for Remoter main screen and session windows.
  • Updated so that Remoter menu items are localized.
  • Added option to the Session Menu, to “Save Screenshot” to a user specified location. (Using jpg at 80%)
  • Better error messages in SSH Key manager. Also removed requirement of always entering a passphrase when importing. The passphrase is now only requested if required.
  • Also, now a dialog is presented to select the private key for importing.
  • Updates to rename function of SSH keys:
  • If the key doesn’t have a passphrase, the user is never asked for one.
  • Also, now after successful rename, all the sessions are updated to the new key name.
  • Added delete all sessions to cloud sync manager
  • Also, ask user before unlinking
  • Macros: Asked to name when done recording (saving).
  • Localization Updates (German, Spanish)
  • Added support for email
  • type usernames in RDP (needed for windows 8 microsoft live accounts)
  • Sorting of sessions now keeps connected machines at the top. Resorting is done on connecting and disconnecting.
  • Added support for Left/Right shift and Left/Right command (along with existing support for Left/Right Alt)
  • Added support for Cmd+C, Cmd+V in terminal sessions.
  • Updated German strings
  • thanks bastelino!
  • Added some more logging for rendering engine selection
  • Fix bug in session editor that would cause issues with remoter fusion connection.
  • Use legacy renderer if:
  • MacBook Air from 2011 (MacBookAir,4)
  • Lion is being used (not SL or ML)
  • The session is 16BPP (This case has a weird glitch that causes the new renderer not to work, i.e. black/grey screen)
  • Small change in VNC input processing to prevent potential crash.
  • Static analyzer based cleanup.
  • Corrected issues with RetinaDisplay Macs and Native/Native Fullscreen RDP connections.
  • Fix SSHKeyAuthFile comparison so it takes into consideration that it can be nil.

Intel, OS X 10.6.6 or later
ScreenShots :

Remoter v1.2.4

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