Picturito v1.0 – Pictures sharing for Facebook


Picturito. The fastest and easiest way to share multiple pictures from multiple places on Facebook right from your desktop! Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Picturito is a small Status Bar App that helps you share multiple pictures to Facebook using the built-in OSX Facebook Integration. You just have to choose the pictures you want and Picturito will do the hard work!

Sharing those 50+ holiday pictures to your Facebook albums has never been easier!

Picturito features:
Share multiple pictures from multiple folders;
Quickly take pictures, to share on Facebook, without leaving Picturito;
Drag and drop pictures to the Status Bar to be shared;
Drag and drop folders/zip files to the Status Bar and let Picturito find the pictures inside them for you!
Start Picturito at Login on the ‘About Picturito’ window

You need to be on OSX 10.8.2 in order to use the OSX Facebook Integration. Picturito needs it!
ScreenShots :






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