OSXFUSE v2.5.4 – Extend native file-handling in Mac OS X


OSXFUSE allows you to extend Mac OS X’s native file handling capabilities via third-party file systems. It is a successor to MacFUSE, which is no longer being maintained. 

As a user, installing the OSXFUSE software package will let you use any third-party file system written atop OSXFUSE or MacFUSE, if you choose to install the MacFUSE compatibility layer.

As a developer you can use the OSXFUSE SDK to write numerous types of file systems as regular user space programs. The content of these file systems can come from anywhere: from the local disk, from across the network, from memory, or any other combination of sources. 

This package will install the runtime and development components of OSXFUSE. Please note that no OSXFUSE-based file systems are included in this package.
Version 2.5.4:
New Features
  • Added support for Retina volume icons.
  • Fixed a race condition introduced in OSXFUSE 2.5.2, that can result in unmounting a FUSE volume taking up to several minutes in some cases. 
  • Fixed a bug, that can cause FUSE file systems to crash when reclaiming a vnode after making a hard link to the corresponding file. Error message returned by FUSE server: Assertion failed: (node->nlookup >= nlookup)
  • Fixed a bug, that prevents file nodes from being freed by the FUSE server when the corresponding vnodes are being reclaimed by OS X. This could result in higher than normal memory usage in case a great number of files is being created on a FUSE volume.
  • Addressed an issue, that can trigger an “unknown option” error when using mount time option volicon in combination with option modules
  • Fixed a bug in detecting whether a custom volume icon has been specified when mounting a FUSE file system through OSXFUSE.framework. In some cases this issue prevented file systems from mounting.
  • Fixed a bug, that can trigger a kernel panic on OS X when entering a vnode into the name cache or purging it from the cache.
Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5 or later
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