Livestation v3.2.0 – Watch TV News online


Livestation brings together one of the most impressive and widest selection of channels from around Europe under one easy to use and elegantly presented package.
Unlike many P2P TV apps, Livestation has official agreements with major channels such as BBC World, CNN and The Discovery Channel meaning that you’re guaranteed high quality programming and images.

Even better you can interact with other users very easily via an online chat function which also gives viewers a chance to rate their favorite channels.
You can add channels by going to the developer website and simply clicking “Add to player” and you’ll find that it’s automatically added to your channel list in Livestation. The presentation of Livestation is simply superb – you can select channels in a 3D revolving list of logos in much the same way as you do albums in iTunes. The quality of the streams in terms of video and sound is first class and expanding it to full screen mode still retains excellent quality.
ScreenShots : ScreenShot 1 , ScreenShot 2



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