Fragment v1.3.0 – alternative image viewer for the Desktop


Fragment is a cool, alternative image viewer for the Desktop

–  Unique HUD UI. Both attractive and useful for keeping image content at maximum screen real-estate.

  • Unique “Fill view” viewing option. Equivalent to Pan-And-Scan, this mode maximizes the use of application window, perfect for Panoramic pictures long tall funny pics from the net.
  • Unique unconstrained Pan. The image can freely be moved around, without it being stuck to the edges of the window, perfect for viewing details, located on the edges or corners of the image.
  • A browser-like BACK button, to navigate the history of viewed images and directories.
  • Fast, resizable thumbnails for images in the current directory.
  • Native and custom fullscreen. Custom fullscreen does not blank out the remaining screens.
  • Fast app startup and image loading, fluid onscreen image navigation.
  • High Dynamic Range Image support (HDR, EXR, PFM, TIFF).

Supported File Formats: 

JPEG (image/jpeg);
TIFF (image/tiff);
PNG (image/png);
GIF (image/gif);
TGA (image/x-tga);
BMP (image/bmp);
PSD (image/vnd.adobe.photoshop);
JPEG 2000 (image/jp2);
JNG (image/x-jng);
MNG (video/x-mng);
EXR (image/x-exr);
HDR (image/vnd.radiance);
DDS (image/x-dds);
PFM (image/x-portable-floatmap);
PGM (image/x-portable-graymap);
PPM (image/x-portable-pixmap);
PBM (image/x-portable-bitmap);
CD (image/x-photo-cd);
PICT (image/x-pict);
IFF (image/x-iff);
PCX (image/x-pcx);
CMU (image/x-cmu-raster);
WBM (image/vnd.wap.wbmp);
CUT (image/x-cut);
ILBM (image/x-ilbm);
XBM (image/x-xbitmap);
XPM (image/x-xpixmap);
G3 (image/fax-g3);
SGI (image/x-sgi);
KOALA (image/x-koala);

ScreenShots :





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