FolderWatch v2.0.5 – Sync folders between multiple Macs


FolderWatch is the only utility that syncs files while you work. Let it perform that tedious work for you. Keep a copy of your project mirrored on an external drive or a file server. FolderWatch syncs your project while you work, making sure your copy stays up-to-date at all times. Simply have FolderWatch monitor a folder on your computer and then add, edit or delete files anywhere inside that folder. FolderWatch pushes those changes in real-time to the destination of your choosing.
Common Uses
  • A Web-Developer’s Best Friend: Find yourself editing locally, but you can’t test your changes until they’ve been pushed to a Web server? An ideal development environment isn’t always possible. Have FolderWatch perform those tedious steps for you.
  • Share Files with the Family: If you have a photo collection that you want on a different computer in the house, just set up file sharing on that machine for FolderWatch to access. The kids will always have the latest copy of the family photos on their computer, without any risk of them tampering with your master collection.
  • Keep an Up-to-Date, Remote Copy: FolderWatch can streamline your process by automatically keeping a copy of your files on a different machine or out on the internet. Synchronize your folder to a publicly accessible server and you can get to your latest files while you’re out at that business lunch.
  • Make Multiple Copies: Get creative. There’s nothing stopping you from using the same source folder more than once. FolderWatch can push changes from one source folder to multiple destinations.
  • FolderWatch is reliable and efficient, with virtually no load on your system resources. You can be assured your files are in good hands.
  • Your source folder is always safe. Changes in the destination will NOT alter your source.
  • By default, extra files that exist in the destination (but not in the source) will be left untouched.
  • If you want your destination to be a true mirror, with any extra files removed, the deletion behavior can be changed.
  • FolderWatch has the ability to perform advanced filtering when copying files to the destination. Read the documentation and start creating your own filters now.

Version 2.0.5:
  • Fixed bugs with the Menu Bar Helper that were introduced in the previous release
  • Reduced file size of the app

Intel, OS X 10.7 or later
ScreenShots :

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