Chipmunk v1.5.4.1 – Tool to find and remove duplicate files


Chipmunk finds all duplicates, fast. 

Files are automatically compared byte by byte to determine if two given files are true duplicates. Intelligent deleting can operate on all files inside a folder that exist outside of it or vice versa.
Search all drives connected to your Mac
If you can access it you can search it. External drives, network shares, removable media, you name it.
Delete duplicates more intelligently
Delete all files in a folder that have duplicates elsewhere. Or vice versa: Delete all files outside a folder that have duplicates inside it. Or hand pick your candidates, of course.
Undo, Retrieve From Trash
You have been too quick on the trash button? Not a problem, just hit Undo. You can also retrieve files selectively from the trash.
Quick Look, Reveal In Finder and Growl Support
Quick Look or reveal any file you like in Finder (Quick Look available only when run on Leopard)


Intel/PPC, Mac OS X 10.5.2 or later

ScreenShots :