Apimac Notepad v9.9.5 – Store text by categories


Apimac Notepad helps you organize any piece of text you may want to be at hand. 
Mac Notepad is designed from the ground up to support the latest Apple technologies and provides everything you need to be more productive in your work with your Mac.

Mac Notepad lets you save and organize any piece of text you may want to be at hand: you can paste it in, drag it from other applications, drop it as a text file from the Finder or, of course, write it yourself. 
A title and a category can be assigned to each note; notes can be easily retrieved by category via a popup menu, or by content simply typing the text to be found in a search field. 
A handy recents menu will furthermore keep track of the last edited notes. 
Notes can be edited at will: different fonts, styles and colors are all available for text inside a note and, if you need it on paper, you can print it too. 
Mac notepad sports the brand new Iconize feature, just a click and your note pad becomes a handy and small window that stays on top of all the other windows so you can find it easily and get again it with a click. 
The Password check button lets you protect your personal notes with a password. If this option is selected, at the opening of Mac Notepad a password dialog box will be displayed. To gain access to the notes it will be necessary to enter the correct password.

Version 9.9.5:
  • Sandbox enabled.
  • Notes can be added from one Notepad document to another via drag & drop. 
  • Fixed bug regarding the “No Category” smart category. 
  • Selecting the “No Category” category will be shown only the notes that are not assigned to any category.

Intel/PPC, OS X 10.7 or later
ScreenShots :

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