Final Announcement Regards Domain


After long discussions with our partners we finally decide to keep domain ( ) as separated site from ( ) which mean NMac will continue to work same as before but the priority will be for


For now we upgrade the server for and soon the following:

  1. We will continue maintain the site.
  2. We will start to post apps & games updates soon but the priority will always be for
  3. The comments plugin restored but it is separated from NXMac that means the comments here will not show on NXMac & vice versa.
  4. Support will be resume here but again the priority for
  5. Download links will be same here & there as well as social media pages.


Finally will perform as backup or alternative site for


Thanks for all who support this ideas & special thanks for the motivating messages from fans


Regards NMac/NXMac Ked