False Google Safe Browser Message [FIXED]


Hello every one,,


Seems some jerk reported our nmac.to site to google safe browser as contains harmful programs that harm your browsing experience which is false report of course!! The site is very clean since we removed the suspicious ADCash code from our site since more than 2 weeks ago but this jerk seems want the site down, so please we need your help to remove this message as soon as possible by sending a counter report to google safe browser using the following link:




Make sure to insert the domain (URL): nmac.to


Category: Safe Browsing incorrectly marked this page as suspicious.


Additional details:

You can tell what ever detail you want, for example:

It is clean site and there is no harmful contented as claimed.


UPDATE ( 22-Jan-2021 ):

The problem has gone. >> Thank for all who support us <<


NMac/NXMac Team