Wylde Flowers 1.6 – Cozy, magical life-sim


Wylde Flowers is a cozy life and farming sim with a witchy twist! Escape to a cute world of diverse folks, and magical spells, as you and the coven unravel a mystery!


Play as Tara, as she arrives at a cozy rural island to help out her grandma and the family farm.


Explore a wholesome world of magical realms, beautiful beaches, secretive forests and the friendly town of Fairhaven.


Meet a charming cast of fully voice acted characters, with intriguing back stories to reveal. Find friendship or maybe even romance?


Transform the Wylde family farm into a productive haven bursting with fresh vegetables, fruit trees and cute baby animals!


Wield your wand and broomstick as you nurture your magical abilities to tend the farm, control the weather, turn the seasons or transform into a cat!


Create hundreds of recipes for yummy food or artisanal goods to sell. Between fishing, mining, crafting and farming (plus a little magic) you’ll have lots to do.


Connect with the coven, fall in love and enjoy your cottagecore life as you uncover the mysterious goings-on in the heart of Fairhaven.


Reveal the hidden darkness which is affecting the town and discover how to bring everyone together.



Version 1.6:

Welcome to the grand opening of Eury’s Salon!

  • Visit Fairhaven’s newest business – a hairdressing salon!
  • Meet and get to know Fairhaven’s new resident, Eury Sinclair, a hair stylist from New Orleans who is also romanceable!
  • Change up Tara’s hairstyle with over 60 new options, adding more personality to your photo mode creations!
  • New friendship milestones available for Gloria and Bruno!



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 12.0 or later




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Size – 3.16GB