Spotlife 1.0.5 – Desktop-based calendar viewer


Spotlife v1.0.5

Spotlife is the fastest, easiest way to view the important happenings in your life.


Spotlife puts your calendar directly on your desktop, so it’s always available to you. Press a keyboard shortcut at any time from any application, and the Desktop Calendar will zoom forward above all other windows — now you’ll truly be able to put your life in the spotlight.



Version 1.0.5:

New features:

  • Added support for multiple screen setups
  • Enhanced for Retina displays
  • Commonly used keyboard shortcuts can now be used as hotkeys (but their use is discouraged)
  • Software is now more aggressive in re-establishing broken Internet connections
  • CalDAV stability and compatibility improvements
  • On CalDAV servers that support scheduling, invitations received, but declined will no longer appear in calendar views

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem where tasks with due dates/times didn’t always show up in Day View
  • Fixed problem where all-day events stored in an On My Mac calendar appeared for an extra day in the Agenda View
  • Fixed problem where sleeping/waking the computer caused Spotlife to quit refreshing



Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.7 or later

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