rcmd App Switcher 2.3.3 – Reimagined Command-Tab


Re-imagined Command-Tab.


Switch apps instantly just by their first letter!

  • Hold down the right side |⌘ command| and press the first letter of the app name to focus apps instantly
  • The Dynamic algorithm will choose the most useful app for each letter
    • The algorithm will adapt in real time to your workflow
  • If apps live on separate spaces, rcmd will switch to the relevant space
    • Switching spaces needs the following setting enabled:
    • System Preferences –> Mission Control –> “When switching to an application, switch to a Space with open windows for the application”
  • When pressing the key while the app is already focused, you can use one of 2 useful functions
    • HIDE: Show/Hide the app instantly
    • CYCLE: Focus other apps with the same first letter


Assign custom keys for your favorite apps

  • Hold down |⌘ command| + |⌥ option| and press any letter to assign that letter permanently to the currently focused app
  • When an app is in the STATIC list:
    • the assigned key can launch the app when it isn’t running
    • the HIDE/CYCLE setting can be adjusted on a per-app basis


Customize the app to your liking

  • the Trigger setting allows you to change the Right Command trigger to any combination of modifiers
    • this will come in handy if you have a keyboard without a Right Command key
  • disable specific letters from being registered by rcmd
    • click on the Settings button to find the Enabled Keys setting



Version 2.3.3:

  • Fix app switching flickering when using a different screen placement
  • Keep keyboard position the same for “minimize” and “special” keys when using a non-English keyboard layout



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 11.0 or later




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Size – 11.1MB