Patina 1.2 – Simple drawing app


Patina is a great way to draw sketches, diagrams, and simple illustrations on your Mac. As a Mac user accustomed to attractive, well-patinadesigned software, you’ll appreciate Patina’s elegant and intuitive interface. And if you’ve used Windows before, you’ll find that Patina not only offers the simplicity you like about Microsoft Paint, but also has some great additional features, including:

  • Continuous shape rotation – objects can be rotated at any angle instead of being limited to specific degrees of rotation
  • Easy tool width adjustment – use the slider to adjust the thickness of shape strokes as well as text font size
  • Intuitive color management – user-configurable favorite colors are prominently displayed and easily selected or edited
  • Transparent image saving – allows you to create an image that has no background color
  • Independently moveable crop frame – easily move and resize crop frame without affecting the image
  • Alpha blending of colors – blend a translucent color with the canvas color to create a new color
  • Anti-aliasing control – turn on and off smooth edges at any time



Version 1.2:

  • Improvement in “undo” functionality (sorry for any instability you may have experienced previously – it should be rock solid stable now)
  • Improvement in methods for saving transparent images (for more details, read the related topics in the Quick Start Guide and FAQs on
  • Added support for opening/importing EPS format files When you read reviews, keep in mind that most comments that are not positive are either because before buying the app the user didn’t first read here the description of what the app does do and does not do, or because the user assumed the app doesn’t do something that it actually does do, and they would know it does do that if they read the Quick Start Guide and FAQs, or if they simply asked us.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • OS X 10.8 or later

ScreenShots :



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Size – 12.1MB