We throttle the Torrent speed ( Bandwidth )



Edit: We fixed the problem by adding anew torrent server 🙂 ,,,,, Enjoy the unlimited download speed again


We sadly announce that we had to throttle the bandwidth ( speed ) of the torrent server and reason is obvious


************  (((( No one want to seed ))))  ************


It seems every body like to download and run 🙂 and forget about helping the others, ok it is up to every one to seed or just run away leaving the seeds for us but off course this will effect the future downloads especially when torrent server become bigger and bigger.


As every body know seeding mean more download speed for the content and also that mean less stress on the server connection and bandwidth.


We give a notice before about this matter but is seems no body wants to read or even listen



Hope this will never be a permanent decision


In the other hand we will increase the speed gradually once we see more seeders or when the stress on the bandwidth become lower.


Hope every one understand and try helping us here ( helping us means help yourself and the others we have no benefits here )


NMac Ked Team