Improved Tube 4.2 – Enrich your video experience & content selection


Powerful but lightweight extension to enrich your video experience & content selection.


Player / Playback features:

  • Video Quality
  • Auto-Fullscreen
  • Fixed Volume or disallow Loudness Normalization
  • Fixed Playback Speed
  • “Repeat” button for Player
  • “Screenshot” button for Player
  • “Popup Player” button for Player or PIP Picture in picture player
  • “Rotate Video” button for Player
  • Forced H.264 Video Codec (speed up)
  • Video Autoplay Off
  • Ads only on Subscribed Channels
  • Disallow ads inside player
  • Disable 60fps
  • Disable Subtitles
  • Up Next Autoplay Off
  • Mini Player

Player Appearance:

  • Player Size
  • Forced Theater Mode
  • Player Color (timeline/progresbar)
  • Transparent Background
  • Header style * Monochrome YouTube Logo
  • Hide Cards, Endscreen, Annotations

Video Page Appearance

  • Hide Related Videos, Details, Views, Likes or change their styles
  • Show video age
  • Show channel video count
  • Change style of “Description”, “Comments”, “Footer”, “Livechat”, “Playlist” and “Related videos”


  • “Black”, “Plain”, “Desert”, “Dawn”, “Sunset”, “Night”


  • Night Mode Schedule
  • Bluelight filter * Dark Theme * Dim Filter
  • Set Youtube Home Page
  • YouTube Legacy (old Version)
  • Disable “Scroll for details”
  • “Scroll to top” button
  • Prevent Closing YouTube
  • Squared User Images
  • Disable Moving Thumbnails
  • HD Thumbnail


  • Autoplay
  • Reverse
  • Repeat
  • Shuffle


  • Default Channel Tab
  • Trailer Autoplay
  • Hide Featured Content

Set Shortcuts / Hotkeys for:

  • Picture-in-Picture
  • Video Quality
  • Play / Pause
  • Stop
  • Next Video
  • Previous Video
  • Seek backward 10 seconds
  • Seek forward 10 seconds
  • Increase Volume 5%
  • Decrease Volume 5%
  • Increase Playback Speed
  • Decrease Playback Speed
  • Go to Search Box
  • Activate Fullscreen
  • Activate Captions
  • Like
  • Dislike

Volume Mixer:

  • Set different volume for each Youtube tab



Version 4.2:

  • Please test everything! Looking forward to bring low-paid version to super charge our development speed.
  • Potentially by up to ~20 times.



  • Intel, 64-bit processor
  • macOS 10.15 or later




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Size – 3.2MB